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why is all about the bass problematic?



See….there’s quite a few lines which diss “skinny” girls. Which like…I listened to the song for the first time the other day but like even when she called them skinny bitches the next line she says “no I’m kidding”? And then she says that boys who like girls like that can just leave bc this isn’t the place for them. So it’s definitely annoying towards body positivity since she seems to be insulting one body type to boost up the morale of another….I think she could’ve done it in a much better way tbh, there shouldn’t have been that much to snip at about skinny girls even if she said she was kidding

there are certainly a few lines that i would word differently as a feminist but i have to be honest, i can’t help but find it objectively ridiculous that a song about loving your bigger body that has somehow managed to become a top 40 radio hit gets SO much heat given the lyrical content of like… the entire rest of the library of contemporary commercially successful music on the whole.

like listen, i understand the need for sensitivity to the fact that there are plenty of skinny girls with body image issues, but aren’t we also all agreed that oppressed groups have some leeway to build themselves up at their oppressors’ expense? obviously i object to the few moments in this song that stray into girl-on-girl hate territory, but considering i also object to the lyrics of like 7/10 other popular songs for feminist reasons, it is really difficult for me to understand why the ONE song that is ALSO delivering a unequivocal and irreverent message of self-love for bigger bodies is the song we actually feel the need to pick apart.

this just really smacks of “not all skinny people” to me. big people celebrating their big bodies shouldn’t be required to tack on codas to make thin people feel better, and i think people with bodies that are constantly reaffirmed and celebrated in society can suck it up and deal with people who are quite literally less likely to get jobs, be treated with kindness in public, etc. based on their size building their bodies up as the most beautiful kind of bodies when literally nobody else will do it.

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Still artblocking something fierce, so have some silly young Damara and young Cronus draws. 

I’m laughing so hard at how anime they look asdhdgf. According to my friend they look like they would be in the student council.

Also it’s kinda hard to see but cronus got some mad braces going on


actual vantas ashley strikes again
Iron Idiot: I'm going to see if I can crab some cake
Iron Idiot: skgaldg
Iron Idiot: FUCK
Iron Idiot: GRAB
Iron Idiot: SOME
Iron Idiot: CAKE
Olive Scrub: 8|
Olive Scrub: you're a dirty rotten vantas
Iron Idiot: //sobbing
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The Dwarf King: the musical

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i hoping that putting on some weight might help chomper get better faster if possible, so i made him up some special things called satin balls that are supposed to be very very good for sick underweight dogs

1 pound cheap hamburger (for high fat %) 
1 1/3 cups Total cereal 
1 1/2 cups uncooked oatmeal 
1 raw egg 
6 tablespoons wheat germ 
1 package Knox unflavored gelatin 
2 tablespoons oil 
2 tablespoons unsulphured molasses 
Pinch of salt

i just gave him a little patty to test out and he ate it right up, we’ll see if it stays down or if he wants more later. we also sent the vet test results over to another vet who specializes more in natural treatments, i’m really hoping they have some suggestions for us.

part of me suspects this might be the ‘denial’ stage of grieving but i’m trying to ignore that line of thinking thanks.

using a positivity project for your passive-aggressive fandom wank is utterly reprehensible. y’all seriously need to cut that shit out. 

Did you see that snake that's friends with a frog? Apparently they were raised together and now they are buddies c:


Grown in captivity together, the pair display no signs of aggression or fear, comfortable with their encounters high up in the leafy branches.

"I was worried the python may swallow this beautiful frog," said Fahmi Bhs, the 39-year-old photo enthusiast from Jakarta. "But then a keeper told me that this particular snake doesn’t eat frogs at all and it did seem almost undisturbed by its presence. The python occasionally sniffed around the frog but then it just let the creature do whatever he needed to do."

The frog’s behaviour was all the more remarkable as rodents, reptiles and other small living things tend to make up the diet of the green tree python.






This is really cute!!!

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If something is ‘old as fuck’ then it’s about 1.2 billion years old because that’s when life evolved sexual reproduction.


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